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​​​​​​​​​​In a space that is permanently brimming with synergies arising from the teaching/learning dichotomy, the experimental work developed in the area of City and Territory has been investigating methodologies, tools, ways of reading, interpreting, representing and acting on emerging problems of the contemporary territory, with a special emphasis on the diffuse territory of the Ave Valley where the School is integrated. This attitude reveals the importance of working closely with municipalities, respective technicians, politicians and the resident population as inexhaustible sources of information, both documentary, cartographic, as well as human and lived experiences.

In short, these pedagogical experiences have been exploring the characteristics of places, through an intense and recurrent work in situ, demanding for specific representation processes, both visual and verbal-written, as a way of rooting the projects- intervention strategy on the potential of the sites it transforms. 
For further information we invite you to visit the digital platform On bei​ng with-it: pedagogical experiences about territory in EAAD.