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​​​​Located in Guimarães, the School of Architecture, Art and Design is organized in two campuses –Campus de Azurém, where the Integrated Master's Degree in Architecture, the B.A. in Visual Arts and the PhD in Architecture are taught, and the Campus de Couros, where the education in Product Design takes place.

In addition to the School of Architecture, Art and Design, the School of Engineering and the School of Science are also located on the Campus de Azurém, together with some degrees of the Institute of Social Sciences. In Campus de Azurém is also available a general library and several specialized libraries, a canteen, a grill restaurant and three bars, a medical station, a sports complex and two print shops.

In order to strengthen the integration of UMinho in the city of Guimarães, Campurbis project (between 2006 and 2012) was developed by the Municipality and the University. The intervention and rehabilitation of old factories allowed the creation of a new university space - Campus de Couros - which, given its location in the middle of the urban network, highlights the concepts of virtual campus and university without walls. Besides the Product Design degrees, Campus de Couros also accommodate the Advanced Postgraduate Training Centre, a specialized library and a bar.

In addition, new facilities were inaugurated in February 2022 in the Garagem Avenida, where the Degree in Visual Arts is located.