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EAAD develops research and education in Architecture, Design and, recently, Visual Arts, focused on the complementarity of knowledge.

The specificity of its education contributes to the sense of community shared by professors, students and employees, promoting an integrated knowledge focused on the development of a project methodology, essential to ease the integration of the graduates into the professional life.

EAAD is located in the Campuses of Azurém and Couros, enjoying a privileged location and accesses to the city, contributing to its geographic and social approach to Guimarães. In addition to the curricular component, the development of pedagogical, cultural or recreational extracurricular activities are encouraged, since they contribute to the valuation of human development, in its ethical, cultural, scientific, artistic, technical and professional dimension.

​​It also contributes to the personal, social, intellectual and professional education of students, instigating lifelong learning and the exercise of an active and responsible citizenship.