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The combination of the EAAD strategic goals, its scientific and pedagogical merit, together with the persistent work of everyone, from professors to staff and students, led to its academic valuation, both in the national and European panorama.

​​The specificity of its education contributes to the sense of community shared by professors, students and employees, promoting an integrated knowledge focused on the development of a project methodology, essential to ease the integration of the graduates into the professional life. 

In addition to the curricular component, the development of pedagogical, cultural or recreational extracurricular activities are encouraged, since they contribute to the valuation of human development, in its ethical, cultural, scientific, artistic, technical and professional dimension. It also contributes to the personal, social, intellectual and professional education of students, instigating lifelong learning and the exercise of an active and responsible citizenship​. 

​​​​All students from UMinho get academic support and assistance in the tuition management.

The articulation of the academics with research is made through the R&D centre, Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory (Lab2PT); the interaction with society is made through the Study Centre (CEEAUM). The human and material resources of Lab2PT and CEEAUM are available to EAAD students. 

The School of Architecture, Art and Design of the University of Minho offers the following study cycles:

EAAD also provides non-degree courses, among which:


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