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The Quest for Discovery and Lasting Impact


Recognising the need of bridging the gap between Architecture, Construction and Technology, and stimulating the inventive and creative work of professionals interested in the recent advances in those fields, tThe Architecture, Construction and Technology Hub — ACTech Hub — brings together a group of academics, experts, practitioners and researchers committed with the cooperation in this process and with exploring together new concepts, applications and challenges. 


To drive the convergence of Architecture, Construction, and Technology through pioneering research and education, exploring and advancing various facets related to recent advances in art, practice, and theory in these multidisciplinary domains.


Promote Meaningful Knowledge Creation and Dissemination through a culture of rigorous research, knowledge generation and academic dissemination to benefit both the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector and society. 

Cultivate Proactive Pursuit of Discovery by promoting boundary-pushing exploration, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovation to address emerging challenges in Architecture, Construction, and Technology.  

Drive Lasting Impact on the Built Environment by developing technology-based alternatives for sustainable practices that to increase the resilience, equity, and overall well-being of communities. 

Bridge the Gap and Stimulate Collaboration by establishing a collaborative platform between academics, experts, practitioners, and industry to establish new concepts and responsible practices in the sector. 

Empower Inventive and Creative Work by fostering a culture of innovation, experimentation, and support to enhance the realms of Architecture, Construction, and Technology.