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D​iploma of Specialised Training​​

Áreas: Architecture and Engineering
Crédits 45 ECTS
Vacancies: 25
Duration:2 semesters
From October 2023 to September 2024
Mixed b-learning
PlaceEAAD - Campus de Azurém
Tuition fees1600€
Course HeadAndré de Moura Leitão Cerejeira Fontes

Applications: September 1 to 15,  2023
Resultads: September 20, 2023
Registration: September 25 until October 2,  2023

* Students of this course are eligible for the Scholarship Program of the Graduate Alliance of UMinho. SLearn more here.

The construction sector and, in particular, the preparation and management of construction works, has undergone a major transformation in recent years due to new challenges: environmental, environmental management of waste and construction sites, materials treatment, rising costs of raw materials and labour, the qualification and management of the workforce, preparation for prefabricated and modular construction. These new constraints require an updating of both management and planning processes and the application of new work tools (for example: design and application of BIM models and construction automation). It is clear that this is an area of specialisation that is not covered in the training of an Architect or Engineer in a way that enables them to respond to the needs of the companies in the sector. Moreover, the permanent evolution in technical solutions is a permanent challenge for those working in the sector. Therefore, many companies in the sector identify that there is a high potential of success and attraction of professionals holders of a degree and from the labour market for this Specialised Training Course. 
This course aims, therefore, to meet a demand supported by companies in the construction and design sector for this type of knowledge and specific skills.


The course responds to an effective need in the post-graduate training of the target public, being innovative in the proposed method -b-learning type teaching-, and thus approaching a diverse and geographically wide group of professionals and potential students. The b-learning method will allow the active members of enterprises to attend the course on a mixed timetable between face-to-face classes and synchronous e-learning remote classes.

Learning Results

Students will attain specific knowledge about the different phases that integrate the new challenges of construction planning. Also, all the students will develop an Internship-Project that will allow them to acquire knowledge consolidated in the curricular units of the course. The Project will also allow a connection with the business sector in question as it will be developed in a enterprise internship environment and with shared supervision between faculty from the course and a specialised technician from the enterprise.


This course is aimed at professionals (Designers, Construction Site Managers, Supervisors, Constructors and Consultants) with a degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering (or similar), interested in planning and site preparation.

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