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Exhibition | ‘Manuel Botelho Territory’ Back

4/6/2022 - 5/18/2022    Garagem Avenida
The exhibition 'Território Manuel Botelho' proposes a broad look at the work of the architect Manuel Botelho. His unique production spans more than three decades and crosses architecture, object design, theoretical reflection poured into writing, and teaching.
Curated by António Neves, Bruno Baldaia, Carlos Maia and Duarte Belo, the Exhibition is the result of a partnership between the Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory (Lab2PT), the School of Architecture, Art and Design of the University of Minho (EAAD-UM) , the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) and the Marques da Silva Foundation (FIMS) and is supported by the Northern Regional Section of the Ordem dos Arquitectos (OA-SRN).

The exhibition 'Território Manuel Botelho' brings together a selection of projects of different scales, programs and frameworks that make up Manuel Botelho's body of work. Throughout the Gallery, the exhibition is presented through two distinct perspectives that intersect and relate: on the one hand, the documentary photographic record, produced by Duarte Belo (photographer, architect and former student of Manuel Botelho), of the journey through the territory of spaces buildings and objects of the architect as well as the spaces of his daily life; on the other hand, through the models made for this show, by the EAAD-UM grantees (Bruno Castro, João Costa and Rui Ferreira), as well as drawings, sketches and photographs, 7 decisive works are presented that allow us to understand and characterize the Atelier's production of Manuel Botelho over time. ‘Território Manuel Botelho’ is part of a cycle of different exhibitions that complement each other around the work and collection of the architect Manuel Botelho. This cycle, which began in Porto (FAUP), with the exhibition “Manuel Botelho Projecto e obra”, will now be at the Galeria da Garagem Avenida, until May 18, to later travel to Coimbra (DARQ) and Porto ( FIMS). These exhibitions will be accompanied by round tables and visits to the works. This process also includes two publications: a monograph, edited by Circo de Ideias, and a record of visits to the works, edited by the Landscape Museum. This Exhibition also marks the delivery of its library to the School of Architecture, Art and Design of the University of Minho. It stems from a work of identification and inventory of the work of the Architect Manuel Botelho carried out by the commissioners with the support of scholarship holders from the University of Minho; as well as safeguarding the records of Manuel Botelho's work by depositing his collection at the Marques da Silva Foundation. The exhibition will at Galeria Garagem Avenida, Guimarães, until May 18, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed on holidays). Entry is free.
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Expo Manuel Botelho